With the passion for recreating traditional Zimbabwean recipes, coupled with the  desire to share new found recipes - Caz presents to you her creative recipes in her very own cooking show for you to try! 

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Sadza bites

Sadza also known as isitshwala or Mielie Pap is a dense maize porridge made with water and maize meal. It  is a staple food in southern Africa. 

Caz has transformed this bland dish (when eaten alone) into irresistible bite-sized  sadza balls, cooked in aromatic spices and  fried for a crispy outer shell.  You can have Sadza Bites on their own with a selection of dips or with a salad. The original spice and herb combination for the Sadza Bites mix is Caz's family secret but in this video Caz shows you how she makes them so you can try them at home with your own special spice mix! 


Nhopi is a porridge like dish made with pumpkin or butternut squash, maize meal, and peanut butter.  Caz recreated this traditional brunch dish by adding ingredients like plantain, sweet potato and a mix of sweet-spicy seasoning like cinnamon and nutmeg. Check out how she does it in this video!

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