Zimbabwean Food Re-imagined



Caz is a dynamic 20-something year old Zimbabwean-born and British-raised businesswoman with a passion for food. She is a home-taught cook and the brainchild behind “Cooking With Caz”, an online platform where she showcases her creative recipes and hosts  unique dining experiences.  Caz loves to transform traditional Zimbabwean recipes with her own twist but also love exploring foods from other cultures and incorporating them into her dishes. 


Catering Services

Caz provides catering services incorporating her unique "Zimbabwean-esque" menu for all her clients to experience. She caters for a variety of events from large to intimate events including birthdays, engagement parties, dinners and lunch parties. 



Check out Caz's blog as she writes about all things food from food reviews, kitchen hacks and her thoughts and experiments about her journey with Zimbabwean food and beyond! 

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